A free pictorial presentation from the top of Africa

Up: Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Follow Vlad, Natalia and Louis-Eric as they climb Mt. Kilimanjaro through the infamous Machame route. The story will start in the thrilling heat of Kenya's Nairobi (the second most dangerous city in the world behind Johannesburg, where life is perhaps worth the content of your pockets), will take you through a 6-day trip up the mountain through Machame Hut, Shira, Baranco, Karranga, and Barafu camps, life-and-death decisions, the surreal night-time climb to the 5895 meters high summit in low-oxygen conditions (did we make it ?), and the idyllic deserted beaches of Zanzibar.

Opening with: Up: Cycling Up The Alps - On a warm Thursday night, I decided to climb a 2000m col in the Alps. Take a short pictorial trip through this gruelling impromptu climb from heat to ice... and a mind-blowing descent.

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McGill Outdoors Club, Friday March 31st, 7:00PM. Free. RSVP for location details. Cocktails afterwards.